About Us

Incorporated in 2007, Rohan Consultancy provides its clients with a unique approach to manage their resources and Intellectual assets. Our objective is to provide total knowledge solutions to our clients in terms of providing databases/reports and managing documents at client sites.

Incorporated as a Proprietary Firm in 2007, at Bangalore Rohan Consultancy is now over a 12 year old Information dissemination company.

With over 20 plus years of experience in the publishing industry, Ajay Mehrotra incorporated Rohan Consultancy with a mission of “Satisfying Information centers with their information needs and Getting to make users use their Information Resources effectively”. We started out with conducting Training programs on how to use databases effectively.

Over the years, we have represented various Publishers to work with in the Corporate Sector like Springer, Thomson Reuters, WIPS, Wiley, Elsevier, HBR and many others. Presently, we represent IEEE as their only agent in the Corporate Market of India. We are working with large multi-national firms in India to market our solutions and services to them. Customer training is an integral part of our sales process. We are also sensitizing customers on the use of legal means to get articles / content. We also provide Copyright Cleared documents to our corporate customers in India.

We always believed that drafting a good patent application is an art and that is why we at Rohan Consultancy started the Patent drafting services over a year ago. We ensure that our drafters have in-depth knowledge of the complexities involved in drafting patent applications for crown jewel innovations. We have a panel of Patent drafters in various disciplines ranging from 2 to 20+ years of experience in Patent Drafting.

Rohan Consultancy has been featured by SiliconIndia Magazine as one of “20 Most Promising Patent and Trademark Law Service Providers – 2018” and by Consultants Review as “10 Most Promising IP, Copyright, Patent and Trademark Consultants – 2019”. Apart

Today we can confidently say that we can get any resource that any corporate customer would want to purchase / subscribe.

Presently we have our sales employees based in Pune, Delhi & Bangalore.

Why choose us?

Customized IP services

Managing assets

Our objective is to make you capable in managing your crown jewel assets efficiently.

We worked with start-ups

We have worked with start-ups, inventors, R&D organizations, multinational companies and have helped them in developing IP portfolio which can be strategically positioned.

Leveraging our pool

Leveraging our pool of highly qualified IP Professionals, we are confident to provide quality IP services like patent drafting, prior art searches, patent landscape analysis, freedom to operate study and preparing evidence of use charts.

Our Expert Patent Drafters

Rekha is a techno-legal graduate with specialization in intellectual property rights. She has 7 years of professional experience in intellectual property domain, with a focus on patent drafting. She is Competent in patent drafting & prosecution, patent search and technology assessment. She has drafted around 210 Provisional and Non-Provisional patent applications, 40 office action responses for Indian Patent Office, and 20 office action Responses for USPTO mostly in the areas of electronics & mechanical engineering. In her professional career, Rekha has worked as an in-house patent attorney for companies like TVS Global & Evalueserve, where she was primarily involved in patent drafting.

-- Rekha Sangwan

Swati is a techno-legal graduate with total 8 years of experience. Adept with Patent Drafting, she has drafted more than 50 patent applications in area of Semiconductors, Signal Processing, Mobile and Satellite communications, Data processors, Artificial Intelligence, electronic control unit of an automobile and Software inventions. She is skilfully adapted to different styles and techniques of drafting based on client requirements. In her professional career, Swati has worked for companies like Infosys Technologies & Mercedes Benz Research & Development Centre, where she was primarily involved in drafting patent applications. She has also facilitated filing of PCT, US, and National patent applications.

-- Swati Karkera