• Manage your resources and
    Intellectual assets with us

  • Manage your resources and
    Intellectual assets with us

About Us

Incorporated in 2007, Rohan Consultancy provides its clients with a unique approach to manage their resources and Intellectual assets. Our objective is to provide total knowledge solutions to our clients in terms of providing databases/reports and managing documents at client sites.

Why chose us?

Customized IP services

Managing assets

Our objective is to make you capable in managing your crown jewel assets efficiently.

We worked with start-ups

We have worked with start-ups, inventors, R&D organizations, multinational companies and have helped them in developing IP portfolio which can be strategically positioned.

Leveraging our pool

Leveraging our pool of highly qualified IP Professionals, we are confident to provide quality IP services like patent drafting, prior art searches, patent landscape analysis, freedom to operate study and preparing evidence of use charts.

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